Is the Bible Good for Women?

Jenni Pyrch | March 20, 2017

Women are looking for answers. They want to know they have the same rights as the men standing next to them do. They want to know when they march, they’re being heard. They want to know someone is for them. Essentially, they’re asking: Do I have value? Does my voice matter? Does anyone care? And yet in all of it, I wonder if they’re getting answers to their questions.

Wendy Alsup’s new book, Is the Bible Good for Women?: Seeking Clarity and Confidence Through a Jesus-Centered Understanding of Scripture, asks a different sort of question, but it’s the one we need to be asking. And she answers it through a “Jesus-centered understanding of Scripture.”

Creation and Woman’s Purpose

Alsup—author, women’s Bible study writer, and community college teacher—gives a thorough and helpful synopsis of creation and the fall, along with Eve’s role in it. In doing so she helps us grasp God’s vision for women from the beginning.

She underscores the fact that “personhood preceded womanhood”—that is, God created humanity first and then differentiated between male and female. By doing this at the outset, Alsup challenges those with preconceived notions about how God views women.

Alsup then unpacks the word many women struggle to appreciate: ezer. Helper. Many seem to think the word…

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