It’s Better to Have a Trouble

Vaneetha Rendall | January 4, 2016

Editors’ note: Vaneetha Rendall will lead a Focus Gathering on “Trusting Jesus in the Midst of Physical Suffering” at The Gospel Coalition’s 2016 Women’s Conference, June 16 to 18, in Indianapolis. 

Self-sufficiency and independence are part of the American way.

Most of us have embraced these ideals. They allow us to provide for ourselves with little uncertainty and little inconvenience.

We’re all prone to viewing our Maker as a good back-up plan. We work to craft and control our future without help, knowing God is always there if things go awry.

Goodbye Autonomy, Hello Dependence

I was operating quite well on that principle until about 15 years ago, when a diagnosis of post-polio syndrome abruptly ended my romance with autonomy. Since then my life has been characterized by dependence: dependence on friends, dependence on family, dependence on God.

Each year I’m able to do less for myself. Each year I must rely on others more.

With post-polio, my muscles will eventually stop working; they cannot be rejuvenated. They are slowly dying. Since I have no idea how much strength I have left, I must trust God to provide the energy I need each day. 

My condition is both frustrating and frightening. It’s hard to decide where…

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