Jerry Bridges (1929–2016): My Prayer Partner, Mentor, and Friend

| March 7, 2016

I had the privilege to co-author two books with Jerry Bridges. But our relationship didn’t focus on writing. It focused on prayer.

I was one of Jerry’s intimate prayer partners. We would call each other at the drop of a hat whenever there was a need. And since there was always a need, we talked a lot. 

In the eyes of many, Jerry was a giant of the Christian faith. Yet in his own eyes, he was never more than an undeserving sinner redeemed by Christ. Those who knew him best understood that Jerry’s humility was the key to his greatness.

Here’s a quote from his memoir:

All that God has done [in my life], he has done solely by his grace. Apart from Christ I deserve nothing but his eternal judgment. In fact, I could easily appropriate the title of one of John Bunyan’s books, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. (18)

This from a man who wrote the book on personal holiness. This from a man who, in the eyes of all who knew him—including those who observed his life most closely—actually practiced what he preached.

What motivated Jerry to live this way? It can be summarized in…

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