Kingdom Advance in the Arab World

Patti Richter | November 9, 2016

Can anything good come out of the chaos in Arab countries?

Since the beginning of “Arab Spring” in late 2010, nations of the Middle East and their neighbors have taken turns as the focus of global concern. The destabilization, including “days of rage” and the resignation of political leaders, generates troubling news that gives every nation on earth reason to wonder what’s next. Arabic people especially—both Muslim and Christian—also wonder about God’s purposes in this upheaval.

The concept of separating religion and state is unheard of in the Muslim world, where political realities necessarily affect religious life. Yet religion is not exclusively Islamic in many Arab nations. Christian churches, fellowships, and even Bible schools and seminaries can be found. Besides this, vast numbers of Muslims are converting to Christianity according to ministries that work on behalf of Arabic-speaking people.

Hope within Chaos


Those who see God as perfectly sovereign over all governments and cultures may also wonder how he is working to advance his kingdom in and through the turmoil of Arab-world nations. The answer may be opportunity—and this is at least three-faceted.

1. Arab Christians, especially the younger generation, read more to investigate their faith.

Millennials in the midst of…

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