Kingdom and Cross: What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate

Jeremy Treat | September 30, 2014

“What’s the number one thing that Jesus talked about throughout his life?”—the preacher shouted in that classic you-should-know-this tone. Lucky for me, I was sure that I did know the answer. After all, I had grown up in the church hearing every week about what was central to all of Christianity: the cross of Christ. As the preacher allowed a few seconds of silence to let the guilt build up for those who didn’t know the answer, I smirked and prepared to mouth the words along with him. “The number one thing Jesus talked about was”—and then he said something that nearly knocked me off my pew—“the kingdom of God!”

What!? The kingdom of God? What about the cross? At that moment it was as if Conviction walked into the room and slapped me in the face; and then his friend Crisis came and sat next to me for an extended talk. How could the kingdom be the thing that Jesus talked about the most, and yet it had no place in my theology, church life, or my perception of what it means to be a Christian? That day was the beginning of a journey for me, in seeking to…

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