Let the Children Worship in Church

Jason Helopoulos | July 7, 2017

We pulled into our driveway exhausted. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but this morning felt like anything but. It was tiring not because of an early start with a meeting before church, the dressing of children, rushing out the door, conversations after the service, or even the disheartening news about a church member’s diagnosis. We were exhausted because our two kids couldn’t sit still or quiet in the worship service. It felt liked we’d experienced a tour of combat duty without any medals. 

The hour-and-a-half service could’ve been four hours with all the negotiations, warnings, and discipline that were required. The sermon consisted of three points, and between the two of us, my wife and I could recall one.

Unfortunately, this week wasn’t unique. Hadn’t we just performed this seven days ago? Hadn’t we worked with our children each day since, so that his week’s worship would be better than last week’s catastrophe? Was it all for nothing?

In the early days of bringing young children into worship, it can feel like self-inflicted torture with no end in sight. But as much as it may prove a struggle, the effort is worth it. Church services provide numerous opportunities for blessing. Here are three.


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