Lose Christ Alone, Lose Christianity

Stephen Wellum | October 26, 2017

Also in TGC’s series on the Reformation’s five solas:

If we are to learn from the reformers, we do well to study the five solas. But if we are to grasp the substance of the solas and profit from them, we must bear in mind two points. First, all the solas are interrelated and mutually dependent; you cannot have one without the others. Second, the five solas are just as important today as they were in the Reformation for capturing the heart of the gospel.

Without minimizing this mutual dependence, however, we need to consider that one sola plays a distinct part in connecting the others to bring us the full glory of God in the gospel. Solus Christus stands at the center of the other four solas, connecting them into a coherent theological system by which the reformers declared the glory of God. Consider the words of John Calvin:

For how comes it that we are carried about with so many strange doctrines (Heb…

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