Lost Jobs, Found Church

| February 9, 2015

The march of technology is relentless, and it is always both creating and destroying jobs. It brings many blessings—spiritual and material—but also great costs. For example, seven of Fast Company’s “Ten Most Endangered Jobs of 2014” are classic blue-collar jobs—mail carriers, meter readers, drill press operators, and so on. I’m surprised they left out restaurant workers, who will soon be facing widespread replacement by touch-screen ordering and kitchen automation.

On the whole, technology creates more jobs than it destroys. That’s why global markets have lifted a billion people out of extreme poverty. Nobody’s suggesting we abolish farm equipment so millions of people can return to back-breaking labor in the fields, all day every day, starting in early childhood and continuing without interruption until death. But that is cold comfort to those who wind up unemployed—or to those who haven’t yet lost their jobs, but are vulnerable to the anxiety that they may soon lose them.

The church, though, has something to offer these people. It is a place where those left behind by technological change can find gospel-centered identity, wisdom, and equipping for the hard roads they are called to walk. After all, Jesus gives us clear marching…

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