‘Love Warrior’: Bestselling Memoir, Mistaken Message

Winfree Brisley | November 7, 2016

Sitting in a therapist’s office after finding out her spouse had engaged in one-night stands with other women just months after their wedding day, Glennon Doyle Melton was confronted with a striking question from her husband, Craig: “I just need to know if you can really know me and still love me.” 

In her memoir, Love Warrior, Melton lays bare the story of their broken marriage and path to reconciliation, including how she came to answer her husband’s question—and her realization of how she also needed to ask God the same question. 

In order to find answers, she seeks to better understand her own past struggles with various addictions. Melton’s story is brave and vulnerable, which almost instantly makes her feel safe and trustworthy. She gives words to things many women have felt or experienced yet may have been unable to form into cohesive thoughts or sentences. Many will think, Yes, that’s it! She understands! And because Melton seems so real and honest, we want what she says to be true. 

Desire to Hide

One helpful aspect is Melton’s analysis of how addictions and other unhealthy behaviors are often means of hiding and self-protection. As she looks back over her life, she realizes she started to feel society’s pressures concerning…

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