Luther’s Mantle: Evangelium21 and the Church’s Mission in Germany

Ryan Hoselton | June 22, 2015

When I first told people that I was moving my family to Germany for school, many expressed heartfelt concern for our spiritual welfare (some frequently reminded us we can’t even homeschool our kids here). Today, many American Christians are grateful to Germany for producing Martin Luther, but they presume the days of gospel vitality in this land are over. In the past it wasn’t always this way. 

In the early 18th century, ministers in colonial America and Germany closely observed the ways God was producing gospel fruit on both sides of the Atlantic. The pastor-theologian Jonathan Edwards (1703–58) praised the “revival of the power and practice of religion in Saxony in Germany” that occurred under the leadership of August Hermann Francke (1663–1727). And many German believers excitedly read translations of Edwards’s reports on the Great Awakening in New England.   

Although the relationship has been damaged by German liberal theology and shallow American entertainment church culture in the past century and a half, American Christians have another opportunity today to joyfully observe and pray for the leaders who have inherited Luther’s mantle in the land of the Reformation. I want to highlight a small, but formidably dynamic group, that is challenging German Christians to…

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