Make Jesus Your Worship Leader

Sam Allberry | August 31, 2017

Some years ago a friend and I admitted to each other that we’d been struggling to pray. We decided to meet up regularly to pray together, using the psalms as a launchpad. For the first few times this went well, but then we got to Psalm 15, where we’re told that the one who can dwell on God’s hill “walks blamelessly and does what it right” (Ps. 15:2). That wasn’t us. Come to think of it, it wasn’t David either. These weren’t words we felt we could pray with integrity, so we skipped them, which felt also wrong. Our joint effort in psalm-praying ground to a halt.

For anyone who has ever gotten stuck on a psalm, help is at hand. Christopher Ash has been a pastor and trained pastors for many years. He’s also one of the UK’s most respected Christian writers (see his extraordinary book on Job [interview | praise]). In recent years he has turned his attention to the Book of Psalms, and this summer he released a helpful guide for how Christians should use them. I asked him a few questions about this new resource, Teaching Psalms.

Many of us instinctively feel the psalms are meant to aid us

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