Man (Or Woman) Cannot Live on Podcasts Alone

Courtney Reissig | July 6, 2017

“Who’s the most influential Christian woman in your life?” That was the question on the table.

I was sitting with a bunch of other women, and as I listened to their answers (some well-known, many not), I felt a little silly about mine—Elisabeth Elliot. I never met her. Sure, I’ve read nearly everything she wrote, but I only know her in the context of her books. Beyond that, I’m in the dark.

Like many others in the internet age, I’ve been discipled by women and men I don’t actually know. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this practice, but as I’ve grown into adulthood I’ve sensed it has left me malnourished in certain ways.

While I’ve received countless bits of counsel and truth from flesh-and-blood people over the years, I haven’t always fully appreciated it. In many instances, I’ve missed the blessing of deeper wisdom because I failed to seek a deeper relationship. Instead, I settled for the ease and comfort of a book or podcast.

Podcasts Aren’t Pastors

In books and podcasts, everyone’s on their best behavior. It’s polished. Yesterday’s fight with her husband isn’t shining through. Her irritability over too little sleep isn’t affecting how she talks to you, because she isn’t talking to…

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