Marriage in the Age of Apocalyptic Romance

Collin Hansen | August 6, 2012

Marriage has never been so devalued as today. The stats don't lie: marriage rates have declined as cohabitation has increased along with the percentage of children born out of wedlock.

And marriage has never been so highly valued as today. Divorce rates have declined as many delay marriage in hopes of making a wise choice. As Tim and Kathy Keller write in their book The Meaning of Marriage"Never before in history has there been a society filled with people so idealistic in what they are seeking in a spouse."

In this interview recorded after their TGCW12 session on Marriage in Gospel Focus, the Kellers discuss these strange times. According to Ernest Becker, writing in The Denial of Death, we live in an age of apocalyptic romance. We've removed God and his design for marriage and replaced him with unbearable expectations for transcendent relationships. So how do these new definitions and demands affect our search for a compatible mate?

The Kellers also seek to explain the secret thread that unites them, offer counsel for Christians grieving disappointment in relationships, and share three practical ways you can spur your spouse toward holiness.

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