Marriage Is a Mirror

Richard Coekin | November 9, 2015

In most Western cultures—with divorce rates rising, marriages rates falling, and more couples cohabiting and having kids without marrying—even the most romantic and glamorous royal wedding can’t obscure the obvious question: is marriage really necessary anymore? And with legal redefinitions now allowing for same-sex marriage in many nations, how should we as Christians conduct our marriages? Part of the answer lies in grasping how the nature of God affects the marriage relationship.

According to Ephesians 5:21–33, our loving Creator has instilled marriage into the instincts of humanity and fabric of human society in order to stir longing and prepare hearts for the love of Christ. Marriage conducted in God’s way is a glorious demonstration to the heavenly realms of the triumph of his plan to gather all things under his Son. Among God’s people marriage is no longer a battleground but a field of victory, where sinners can remain united to each other in the service of Jesus. Indeed, it’s God’s chosen illustration of Christ’s covenant love for his church. So for all of us (whether single, married, divorced, or widowed) this passage not only speaks of the things we can pray for married couples, but also celebrates the intimate union of all believers with Christ—the one to whom we will one day be united in the ultimate “marriage made in…

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