Meet the Pro-Life Group Cracking Planned Parenthood’s Favorite Market

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra | January 26, 2017

A business executive, a technology guru, and a CEO consultant all walked into the pro-life movement.

Using skills they’d honed in the for-profit business world, they began to do something no one else was doing: reach and influence what the industry calls “abortion-determined” women, those who have already decided to end their pregnancies.

Seven years later, they’re leaders of a pro-life nonprofit called Human Coalition.

“When you look at market penetration in the manufacturing world, you figure out how many people are in your target audience, put together profiles of that audience, and then start systematically figuring out how to connect with those people and bring them into your cycle,” said executive vice president Ben Matthews, whose background is in manufacturing distribution, marketing, and advertising.

Guided by these business principles, Matthews said Human Coalition seeks to connect with “abortion-determined” women in an effort to help them choose life.

Along the way, the organization has tracked its success, measuring everything from how many women clicked on their advertisements to how many ended up choosing life.

They’re using these numbers to improve effectiveness—and Human Coalition is definitely improving. In the first two years after it established a presence in Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and Dallas, an average of four times as…

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