Moms, Don’t Trust Your Fickle Feelings

Gloria Furman | September 16, 2016

Where I live in the Middle East, people from many cultures love to comment about how I have my hands full. It’s not a figure of speech, because I literally have my hands full with four children swarming around as we run errands. Without a hint of cynicism, men and women will say (as I take the groceries and little ones across the street like a ninja), “You are blessed!”

I’m grateful for the reminders that my children are blessings. Regardless of your culture’s view of motherhood, though, Christians stand on eternal truth when we say motherhood is a gift.

We read in God’s Word that people are God’s image bearers. Adam and Eve were given the royal task of filling the earth with more imagers of the one true King (Gen. 1:26–28). Especially now, after the fall, we see that life is a gift of grace, never to be presumed or rejected. Every minute of our lives has been numbered by a gracious God who does all things well. 

God has ordained all our mothering moments and seasons “for such a time as this,” until the King returns.

Not Feeling It? Think It.

Though we affirm these truths, it would be an understatement to…

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