Music Inclines the Heart to Encounter God

| January 14, 2015

Dave Radfordis part of the singer-songwriter husband-wife duo known as The Gray Havens. He and his wife, Licia, live in Chicagoland. Their recently released full-length album is titled “Fire and Stone.” You can download their new song, “Far Kingdom,” below for free.

How do you describe your work? What does your day look like?

On a daily basis we wear two hats: one is administrative, working with our team to build a business; the other is creative, writing and recording music. When we are on the road, though, our daily work changes dramatically. We spend a lot of time in the car, listening to audiobooks and working on laptops. We also are privileged to offer our gift of music to others, as we perform at venues and receive the generous hospitality of others, who welcome us to their city.

How does your work reflect some unique aspect of God’s work?

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not rules and regulations about what we can do for God but a story about what he has done for us. The story of redemption, then, has a narrative arc. In fact, Jesus himself used story to highlight this gospel…

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