My Top 10 Theology Stories of 2015

Collin Hansen | December 21, 2015

I do not recommend a steady diet of news. Not when media play upon your fear and loathing to keep you clicking for the sake of their sponsors. Not when watching events from afar detracts from caring for your neighbors next door. Not when jumping from channel to channel and page to page erodes your ability to concentrate on a book, especially the Bible.

At the same time, I believe informed obedience of God’s command to love our neighbors depends on hearing from others, especially when we can’t relate to their experiences personally. What a difference it would make if we read and watched for the sake of empathy and unity and not for judgment and division. What if we consumed news for the sake of prayer and action, rather than despair and distraction? 

That’s how I’m encouraging you to read my annual list of the top 10 theology stories (see previous years: 200820092010201120122013, and 2014). You’ll certainly notice many entries you wouldn’t regard as strictly theological. But at The Gospel Coalition we aim to show how the gospel of Jesus Christ affects all of life. And you’ll find assumptions and beliefs about God…

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