Needed: Women Disciplers

Megan Hill | February 13, 2017

“The most influential women’s leader at your church may be someone who has never stepped inside its sanctuary.”

So writes Kate Shellnutt in her article examining the changing face of women’s ministry. In an era of blogs, social media, and live-streamed events, Christian women are no longer limited to discipleship relationships in the local church. Instead, teaching and mentoring is increasingly outsourced to the leaders standing on national platforms.

Women still crave intimate, informal discipleship with a mentor. But the internet has made it possible for every woman to feel she has that kind of relationship with well-known speakers and authors. “Literally, you are inviting this woman leader into your kitchen via your phone or your laptop,” says Hannah Anderson, co-host of the Persuasion podcast.

Even while “doing life together” remains an aspirational buzzphrase, women like Beth Moore, Ann Voskamp, and Jen Hatmaker—whom most of us will never meet face-to-face—have already filled the position of role model and spiritual mentor for thousands of Christian women.

Warm Cup of Tea 

Into this cultural context, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s new book arrives like a cup of tea from the hand of a friend—real, warm, brisk, and very welcome. Wolgemuth is herself a national leader…

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