New Audio Series: Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie

Collin Hansen | May 19, 2015

Nancy Guthrie and Collin Hansen talk about “Help Me Teach the Bible” from Crossway on Vimeo.

With all due respect to the pulpit, sometimes evangelicals leave the impression that only pastors need to know how to teach. But if you’re trying to learn the Bible for yourself, explain the gospel to an unbelieving friend, or catechize your children, you need tools to study and teach the Scriptures. Nothing could be more important to the work of The Gospel Coalition than to help Christians love God’s Word and share it with others.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce this week’s launch of a new audio series that will help you—no matter your education and experience—love and live out the Scriptures in your family, community, and church. In Help Me Teach the Bible, Nancy Guthrie talks to some of the best Bible teachers and preachers of our day in hopes of equipping Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, youth leaders, children's leaders, men's and women's Bible study teachers—anyone who seeks to open up the Bible and teach—to rightly, effectively, and creatively teach through specific books of the Bible.

“In some cases I'm sitting down with people who have written books on…

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