New Year’s Resolutions: Aim for Godliness and God’s Glory

| January 2, 2015

You know it’s a new year when every commercial on TV is an ad for either gym memberships or diet supplements. Then, of course, there are all the magazines whose covers are littered with ideas and products for organizing the home. Office supply stores are stocked with calendars and systems to keep schedules on track and organized. And everyone is talking about their goals and resolutions for the year.

I’ve made many resolutions over the years. There was the time I resolved to cut out caffeine (it didn’t last). Another year I decided I wanted to develop a green thumb (I didn’t). One year I resolved to write more poetry (only a handful was produced). Then there was the year I decided I wanted to read all the works of C. S. Lewis, until I discovered just how many books he actually wrote!

In all seriousness, it’s a good thing to set goals and work toward them. We ought to be purposeful, intentional, and determined in the way we live. We don’t want to waste a second of the brief time God grants us on this earth. The apostle Paul spoke of his own work toward his life’s goal in…

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