Now That They’ve Bought the Ticket

| February 13, 2015

Every now and then my Facebook newsfeed fills up with posts on a single theme, and unsurprisingly with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, a lot of people are talking about the same thing this week. Those who love Jesus and love people warn about the dangers of pornography and uphold the beauty of biblical sexual love in marriage . . . both things this movie twists and perverts. It’s no wonder so many have written words to share with others that get to the heart of our collective concerns.

However, if your newsfeed and life are like mine, it’s also filled with people who are now holding a ticket stub . . . people who daringly told us they loved it, and people who may know enough not to check-in when they entered the theatre so no one knows they were there. They’ve all seen our stance. They know how we feel about it. But I wonder if they also know how we feel about them, and whether or not we have an answer that will satisfy them more than what they’ve found in those scenes. Sometimes I wonder if we even believe we have it and…

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