On a New ‘Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible’

Charlie Trimm and Nicholas G. Piotrowski | November 21, 2016

Developments in the field of hermeneutics are rare. Advances come slowly. As scholars press into new areas, their contributions travel even more gradually to the uninitiated. Yet where progress is fruitful, shouldn’t the Bible-reading public benefit as well? 

Of all the nuances of good biblical interpretation, perhaps the attention to historical context is the most difficult to the non-expert. One can read the larger context to discern flow of thought. One can develop a copiousness of biblical knowledge to appreciate where any given text fits into the whole. But insofar as there are historical questions to answer, where can the typical Bible reader look?

Well, they have to consult largely inaccessible historical works often written for the guild, not the public. For these reasons the new NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible is very welcome. For those who can’t buy (nor have the time to read) an extensive library of historiographical works, this new study Bible joins some of the most recent historical discoveries with the NIV text and plenty of compelling charts, maps, and pictures. We highly recommend this study Bible for such students of the Bible as pastors, teachers, Bible study leaders, and anyone who wants to know more about the world of the Bible…

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