On the Call to Public Witness on Marriage

Denny Burk and Andrew T. Walker | June 4, 2015

This month, the Supreme Court will issue a decisive ruling on whether citizens have the ability to define marriage through democratic channels. The Supreme Court has been called on once again to answer a question outside its purview—whether the U.S. Constitution requires the redefinition of marriage.

These are serious times that require the church to speak publicly, clearly, and resolutely when its fundamental teachings are on the government’s chopping block.

For that reason, we’ve co-authored and submitted a resolution to this year’s meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention titled “On the Call to Public Witness on Marriage.” Our purpose in drafting the resolution was simple. We believe it would be an enormously irresponsible and illegitimate action for the Supreme Court to redefine marriage. For that reason, we believe it necessary for Southern Baptists to go on record again stating our belief that the authority to redefine marriage does not reside with the government. And in the face of potential redefinition, the church should confess its beliefs and insist upon its stalwart devotion to biblical principle at whatever cost.

The Southern Baptist Convention represents a sizable portion of American evangelicalism, and the moment upon us affords the opportunity to help spur like-minded evangelicals…

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