Our Children’s First Glimpse of the Value of Work

| February 11, 2015

Few topics ignite more indignation, confusion, and fighting than the stay-at-home parent. For the mom, she can be either praised for her sacrifice or looked down upon for her seemingly mindless work. Especially in our Christian subculture, the stay-at-home mom is often elevated to saint status, leaving women outside of that category feeling less than responsible or sacrificial.

In the debates about who should stay home and why it matters, though, the value of stay-at-home work itself is often lost. But this work points to a God who brings order out of chaos, who lays down his life for those he loves.

Privilege of Stay-at-Home Work

I feel privileged to stay home with my boys and do not take this gift for granted. I recognize many do not have this opportunity, though they may long for it. I also recognize that my cultural context (Western, middle class) affords me the freedom to make this choice.  

The cultural persona of the stay-at-home parent (especially moms) is of play dates, craft time, and helicopter parenting. Moms today have an endless supply of Pinterest boards, Facebook posts, and Instagram pictures—all asking if they are mom enough. As a stay-at-home mom to young children…

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