Our Family’s Experience with ‘The New City Catechism’

Betsy Childs Howard | April 13, 2017

Dan and Lucy Olson live in urban Minneapolis. They have been using The New City Catechism (NCC) with their four children—Charlie (8), Elisabeth (8), Mary (7) and Annie (4)—for a couple of years. I corresponded with the Olsons to talk about why and how they use the NCC. (Since Dan is director of donor ministries for TGC, he had early access to Songs from The New City Catechism.)

Why did you start catechizing your kids?

As parents of four young children, we had used mostly story Bibles and Scripture memory for our family devotions. But our oldest two kids—boy-girl twins—are now in third grade. They have started asking deeper theological questions, and we wanted a process to engage them with biblical truths in a systematic way.

We know in this world our children will face many troubles. Athletes begin training months before competition. Soldiers train for years in preparation for potential conflict. We want our children to be ready with a reservoir of deep theology when the day of trouble comes.

Why did you choose The New City Catechism?

The vocabulary and brevity of the NCC make it accessible for children without compromising theological depth. We also love the format. Not only is…

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