Parenting with a Big Gospel Picture

Mitch Chase | January 11, 2017

After writing Age of Opportunity, Paul Tripp never planned to write another parenting book. So why, some 20 years later, did he write another one and actually title it Parenting? Because in his travels, Tripp has discerned what parents consistently lack: a big gospel picture of their God-given task (13).

Parents need to be reoriented from the inside out. And Tripp has 14 gospel principles to help this happen.

What We Are: Ambassadors 

Though parents may not always feel the temporality of their task, children inevitably grow up, and the current difficult stage(s) will give way to new ones. God has entrusted our children to our care throughout this process, and the right word for this role is ambassador:

The only thing an ambassador does, if he’s interested in keeping his job, is to faithfully represent the message, the methods, and character of the leader who has sent him. . . . Parenting is ambassadorial work from beginning to end. (14)

This ambassadorial identity is illuminating because of the perspective it produces. And among the struggles inherent in parenting, near the top of the list is the battle to maintain perspective.

We’re broken parents rearing broken people. Not only do…

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