Parents, Follow This North Star

Chap Bettis | September 22, 2016

I can still remember May 24, 1991, like it was yesterday. For months I’d known we were going to have a baby. But the first time my daughter was placed in my arms, I felt something like a kick to my stomach.

The blow was me realizing God had entrusted us with a beautiful baby who entirely depended on us. Of even greater weightiness, God had put into our hands a human soul who would live forever.

A few years later, we began to experience typical parenting pressures. Will she take dance? Will she play soccer? Where will she attend kindergarten? Public school, private school, or homeschool? Those pressures were just the beginning.

We face myriad decisions as parents. We want to give our children the best, but what exactly is the best?

Looking around, we see parents rushing frantically from activity to activity. Most would probably say they’re trying to raise well-educated, well-adjusted children to be happy and successful. 

But should these be the primary goals of a Christian parent? Are we supposed to raise good kids who pursue the American Dream with some Christianity sprinkled in? What’s the best guide for the Christian parent’s journey?

Not Just Graduation Day

In the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere, one star constantly…

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