Pork, Chicken, and Witnessing to Your Muslim Neighbor

| February 8, 2016

I thank God for the opportunity I had to live in a Muslim-majority nation for 14 years. The Lord provided many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ with my Muslim neighbors. 

Because God has given every image-bearer a conscience, your Muslim neighbor has a general sense that something in his heart needs to be fixed (Rom. 1:32). Most are deceived, however, into thinking they must save themselves. Like many of the Jews in Paul’s day, they’re seeking to establish their own righteousness (Rom. 10:2–3). 

In the case of your Muslim neighbor, the idea of self-salvation is instilled through a lifetime of religious teaching and reinforced by community practices and rituals.

One of the most demanding aspects of Islam involves the works required in order to earn enough merit to overcome sins. This is why Muslims make intense efforts to keep the month-long fast of Ramadan each year. Seeking merit to balance their sins also motivates many of our Muslim neighbors to perform a prayer ritual five times each day.

One reason Islam is able to deceive is because it borrows elements from the Old Testament. But this also means there are elements of truth in Islam which can help your Muslim friend begin moving toward an understanding of salvation in…

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