Preaching Prophetically to the Whole Person

Jason Cook | March 7, 2017

Should the preacher preach on politics, race, and justice? Or should he steer clear of controversial issues for the sake of maintaining peace? Many pastors and their churches are asking these questions. In this episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast, Robert Smith Jr.—professor of Christian preaching at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham—offers a simple answer:
The preacher must preach the whole gospel to the whole person. 
As our nation and churches continue to be divided across ideological and theological lines, this task has become even more important and difficult. Nevertheless, there is a biblical expectation and duty for the preacher to preach prophetically to the whole person. Listen as Smith identifies one heavenly vehicle to accomplish this wholistic endeavor: the multi-ethnic church. He also offers a practical framework for effectively communicating to diverse audiences. To preach the whole gospel to the whole person, the preacher must labor to “become all things” to his congregation for their good and Christ’s glory.
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You can listen to this episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast here.

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