Reaching High for Nevertheless

| March 17, 2015

I cringed a little when I read these words from Tim Keller’s book on prayer because I understood them so well: “In the second half of my adult life, I discovered prayer. I had to.” Keller lists his own reasons for what drove him there. I had my own struggles: one daughter with an illness that had ravaged her too-thin body with no specific diagnosis in sight, much less a cure. There were college bills for that same daughter, and her older sister was making plans to return to a war-torn country she loves and longs to help. There is yet another girl who is ours, but only in our hearts as we head into a third year of trying to adopt her.

Wars, illnesses, and adoptions are just a few of the things that push us beyond our limits. There we reach up to pray more often because we can’t reach out to do anything else. And there I faced once more a part of praying about which God has taught me much.

I know what I want for those I love, for those situations that are causing so much pain, so I dream high and pray hard. And in the middle…

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