John Piper Reflects on Mark Driscoll and the Mars Hill Implosion

John Piper and Norm Funk | August 4, 2015

Editors’ note: The following is a transcript of a conversation between John Piper and Norm Funk, lead pastor of Westside Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the recent controversy surrounding Mark Driscoll. Discussing a difficult and discouraging situation, this video helps us see how God has been at work and what we can learn.

Norm Funk: We were talking yesterday, and I shared with you Vancouver’s close proximity to Seattle, and therefore close proximity over the years to the ministry in Seattle of Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll. That made a dramatic impact on many people’s lives. Many people from this ministry and people in and around Vancouver travel down to Mars Hill, watched it, listened, downloaded many of Mark Driscoll’s podcasts.

I know you’ve commented on your relationship with Mark on your own podcast. I’m not asking you to comment on that relationship specifically. I’m more wanting you to speak into those individuals’ lives where coming out of what happened over the last year has really impacted them, called into question the church, leadership—does it work, can we trust it, people throwing even theological leanings under the bus because they equate it with the individual. Can you…

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