Resources for Assembling Under the Word

| May 19, 2015

Nehemiah 8 gives us an artfully told story of Israel at one of her best moments, a moment at which she assembled under the Word with expectancy, attentive listening, a response of weeping and repentance, and deep joy in God. Ezra had a book in his hands. That’s why the people gathered. That’s why they made a platform for him to stand on. That’s why they responded as they did. As Alistair Begg recently put it, “The expectation of the people was tied not to the ability of Ezra, but to the book that he held in his hand.” So it should be for the church.

Sermons occupy the better part of a Sunday morning for many churches—more than praying, more than singing, more than fellowship. Yet for as much time as we spend listening to preaching as Christians, we could afford to think longer and harder on the subject. What exactly is preaching? What does preaching do? How should we do it and hear it? Why not dialogue or drama instead? In a digital age, why do we come together for it? Why did God choose preaching for getting his work done? We often think of preaching as the pastor’s work. But what is…

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