Rethinking Heaven

Tom Nelson | April 9, 2015

As a kid growing up, I was intrigued and curious about heaven. I was told that heaven is a place far away where loved ones who had died had gone, and that I, too, would join them one day. That sounded pretty cool to me. I remember lying on the cool green grass in my backyard watching the puffy cumulus clouds lazily float by. As I stared upward into the seemingly endless blue sky, I wondered exactly where heaven is and what people do there. Since I loved ice cream with a passion, I imagined heaven as a place where you can eat ice cream all the time. The ice cream would be the best, and it would never run out. And guess what? You would never get full; you could just keep eating banana split after banana split and then start in on some other delicious ice cream treat.

I guess you could say my idea of heaven at that time in my life was a never-ending, gluttonous eating frenzy—eating ice cream with reckless abandon and utter indulgence.

Thankfully, as I grew older, my conception of heaven became less personally indulgent. Yet what I thought about this future place and what I understood about my…

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