Rethinking Sex Ed in the Church

Cameron Cole | June 5, 2015

I remember going to the Disciple Now retreat at my church in junior high. The focus was sexual abstinence. I respected my youth minister and knew that he loved me, so when he started to lay out the ethics of Christian sexuality, I bought in. He said, “No sex before marriage.” Check, I was going to wait. He said, “No porn.” Check, I was going to try to avoid it. He said, “No staring at the girl with the voluptuous body and no sexual thoughts.” Check, I was going to try my best. The trust and credibility of the youth leader played a large role in my attempt to live within biblical parameters for sexuality.

But then two days after the retreat, it hit me. I am 15 years old. Statistics say that I am not going to get married for at least 10 more years. I am a raging ball of adolescent hormones. The next 10 years are going to be a miserable season of sexual restraint. Furthermore, if I’m lucky, I may succeed for one week in living up to these standards.

I felt miserable. Undoubtedly, many young Christians experience similar feelings of despair when they evaluate the challenging road before them in obedience to God’s…

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