Romantic Love Is Not Enough

| December 10, 2014

I love my wife. She’s a remarkable, godly, and wonderful woman. I am thrilled to be married to her and to have spent these last ten years growing together. To expect her to meet all of my relational needs, however, would be incredibly unfair to her. Romantic love is a wonderful gift from God, but all of our relational needs cannot be met in one relationship. We need more than romantic love to be happy.

There are loads of clichés about love. “Love is all we need." "I married my best friend.” Songs invite couples into an “us against the world” mentality. But these clichés are misleading and will ultimately damage relationships. Romantic love serves a wonderful purpose, but it cannot do more than it was designed to do. It cannot replace the important role of other friendships.

We Need the Love of Friends: Five Reasons

At least five reasons ground my claim that romantic love is insufficient for a fulfilled life.

1. Marital relationships exist for something beyond themselves. Marriage is not meant to be a self-contained reality. In his article "Marriage for the Common Good," James K. A. Smith writes beautifully of the inherent selfishness of our modern…

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