Sandra McCracken on How to Wait Well

Ivan Mesa | December 15, 2016

As God’s people, we’re called to walk in holiness and wait in hope (1 Pet. 1:3, 13–16; 2 Pet. 3:10–13). But waiting is hard. Perhaps that’s why Advent is especially suited to help. The season not only reminds us of our Savior’s first coming in humility, but also prepares us for his second coming in glory. Christians are a waiting people.

With so many mockers questioning the promise of King Jesus’s return (2 Pet. 3:3–4), it’s refreshing to have singers and songwriters like Sandra McCracken to help us wait well. Her most recent album, God’s Highway (iTunes | Vinyl & CD | Amazon), is an extended meditation on waiting on the Lord—on slowing down, reflecting, and enjoying sweet communion with our triune God.

I asked the award-winning artist what the Lord offers us in waiting, how the Trinity can shape our corporate gatherings, her best piece of advice for worship leaders, and more.

You write, “I’ve been practicing writing music that helps make space for us to be still before God. Waiting is an active happening, and it’s hard work learning to be still.” What is it about waiting we find so hard to do? What does the Lord offer us in waiting we wouldn’t receive otherwise? 

I love that question…

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