Save the Date(s)! Update on TGC Women’s Initiatives

| January 21, 2015

The first five years of women's initiatives at The Gospel Coalition have been joyful as women have been woven into TGC's ministry in conferences, online writing, and print publishing projects We’re looking ahead to continued fruitful growth in TGC’s women’s initiatives, by God’s grace.

1. This year’s National Conference in Orlando (April 13 to 15) will include quite an array of workshops, including women from a variety of contexts in the mix of panels and presentations—a great picture of the church at work. Topics among the women speakers are diverse: perspectives on work, evangelism, dealing with sexual assault and domestic abuse, women’s ministry, and more. I’m looking forward to sharing a panel on women’s ministry with Nancy Guthrie, Gloria Furman, and Melissa Kruger; this subject calls for serious consideration, and we're asking God to help us develop this discussion in encouraging and profitable ways.

2. More and more publishing projects are emerging, and it’s a delight to be working with Gloria Furman in a TGC-Crossway partnership—our role being to encourage and provide opportunities for women writers on a whole spectrum of topics helpful to the church. We’re looking forward to a few new books this year, one of them titled…

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