Seeking Worship that Resembles the Complexion of Heaven

George Robertson | August 28, 2015

“Lord, cause our church to resemble the complexion of heaven.”

For the last 20 years of ministry I have been praying this prayer. And because I’ve pastored two churches humbled by nasty splits, the staff and officers have eagerly prayed the same.

The church I pastored previously was in the center of an upper-class township that was 99 percent white. So when the first black family in our 60-year history visited, they were swarmed with welcomes. After they joined, the wife asked me, “Is your church always this friendly or is it just because we are black?” I answered honestly, “Linda, this is a friendly church, but the truth is we have been praying a long time for you to come!”

Everything in downtown Augusta is different from Town and Country, Missouri. Our median income is $17,000, and 85 percent of our residents are African American. But 10 years ago our church demographics were the same as the suburban church in St. Louis: upper-middle class, mostly white, with no members living in the church’s neighborhood.

How It All Began

It all starts with gospel renewal. As God has brought revival to us here at First Presbyterian Church (FPC), the gospel has compelled us to reach out…

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