Serving Christ Among High School Students

Angela Shepherd | March 23, 2016

Tim Shaw is a social studies teacher and department chair at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida, an urban school with an esteemed visual and performing arts program. A native son of Florida, he is a Marine Corps veteran who enjoyed a career in hospitality management before beginning his 20-year tenure in education. Although Tim enjoys teaching American history and government, his greatest passion is forming that bond with students that allows him to instill valuable life lessons aside from the mandated curriculum. Tim is married to Linda, and they have two daughters.

How would you describe your work? What do you do every day?

My days are hectic. I go from one class with advanced and focused students to one with kids who read on third- and fourth-grade levels. There are endless emails and phone calls, meetings behind and before, rushed planning sessions, and constant grading. I also coach the academic olympics team after school.

Occasional chats with colleagues refresh me throughout the day. It’s good to have people who can empathize with me in the chaos. I also lead a weekly prayer group, which is always a special time that changes my whole week.

As an image-bearer of God, how

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