Shatter Your Kid-Centered Kingdom

Jen Oshman | September 23, 2017

Standing backstage in the dressing room of my preteen daughter’s first play, the new version of the American Dream—providing all the best possible opportunities for our children—descended on me like a thick fog. We’d been back in the States for three months, resettling here for a season after being overseas missionaries since before the kids were born.

My head swirled as the moms around me compared charter schools, private voice coaches, and paths to the best collegiate drama programs. Our family was experiencing the great American buffet of options available to our kids in schools, sports, and activities.

I found myself sifting through websites, calling friends, and sighing to neighbors that I’ve no idea what I’m doing here.

Wait, What’s the Goal?

Overseas we had few options for the kids’ schooling and activities. We adjusted to that reality, but I confess often skimming Facebook with a twinge of jealousy as I saw my friends’ kids in ballet, piano recitals, sports games, school plays, and summer camps. Now that we were back in the States, I wanted them to have all of those experiences to make up for lost time.

So in the dressing room that day, I battled multiple voices in my head. One was frantic and…

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