Should the Children Suffer?

| December 23, 2015

The incarnation has always provided me incredible motivation for mission. Jesus willingly left heaven, comfort, glory, and his Father. He made his home among us and gave himself for us. There could be no greater example of missionary life. 

But what about missionary children? Most aren’t party to their parents’ life decisions. Some are born in foreign hospitals. Others wake up on airplanes in unknown lands. In one of childhood’s (and parenthood’s) most significant moments, many walk into school on the first day with no friends, a teacher they can’t understand, and food for lunch they’ve never tasted. 

And then there’s every grandparent’s fear—will they be safe? These little treasures move into the backyard of terrorists, into the bush far from quality medical care, or into megacities where children frequently go missing. Mom and Dad may have chosen to risk their lives for the sake of the gospel, but do they have the right to put their children in harm’s way?

It’s a legitimate question. And on my worst days, it still haunts me.

Advent’s Encouragement 

I’ll never forget the words of encouragement I received from a pastor and friend before our family left for our new home in Central Asia…

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