Stirrings of Revival in Latin America

Jairo Namnún | September 8, 2014

“Who are the well-known voices for the Reformed movement in Latin America?” I often get this question from my English-speaking brothers and sisters. In fact, some time ago Ben Peays, executive director of The Gospel Coalition, asked me just that question. He was genuinely eager to know more about our context. I’ll never forget the look on his face when I answered, “Apart from the ‘apostles,’ you won’t find a well-known voice that’s known throughout Latin America. And of course, by ‘apostles’ I mean preachers of the prosperity gospel.”

In spite of the incredible growth of Protestantism in the last decade, and the supposed high number of adherents to the Christian religion, the church in Latin America is, generally speaking, far from healthy. Our culture is so closely identified with Christianity, yet the truths of the gospel are, generally speaking, unknown. That is why some say Latin America needs to be re-evangelized.

1. Prosperity Gospel Is King

While prosperity teachers are highly influential in the United States and other places, they're particularly popular in Latin America. In fact, the charismatic, Word-of-Faith, prosperity form of Christianity is, by and large, the only form of Protestantism that people know. In our…

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