Stop Acting Immutable

Jen Wilkin | September 15, 2016

My grandparents’ house in Pittsburgh was a place where I always felt like time stood still. In that comforting dwelling, not a single knick-knack ever stirred from its location. Every visit promised sameness—the same smell of creosote from the driveway, the same meals on the same dishes at the same table. After dinner, the same board games. The same evenings spent on the patio watching the fireflies. The same pink bathtub for soaking and the same antique sleigh bed for dreaming. Heaven. 

On my last visit to Pittsburgh, I drove to their wooded cul de sac and parked at the curb. My grandparents had been gone for some time, but I wanted to see the house and remember. There was nothing to see but forest. A neighbor wanting a larger lot had purchased the house and had it torn down. It bothered me how much the change bothered me. How could someone bulldoze Heaven, for heaven’s sake?

How We Play God

The sadness or frustration we feel about changes to something we thought was unchanging often reveals our tendency to ascribe what’s true only of God to people, possessions, or circumstances that aren’t him—to expect earthy places to be heavenly…

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