Suffering Is Not What It Seems

Kristen Wetherell | June 12, 2015

What if suffering isn't quite what it seems? Often, suffering is viewed as a mood-destroying interruption (in our best moments) or a faith-wrecking obstacle (in our worst). Whether we are hitting one too many red lights, causing us to be late for work, or we have just received a bad diagnosis from the doctor, we instinctively react to suffering by fleeing. Suffering is our foe.

But what if we are wrong? What if the pain we feel in our arthritic bones is actually evidence of our comfort?

What if the heart-wrenching sorrow we experience during a messy breakup is actually a means to joy?

What if the grief we are enduring from losing a loved one actually points us to a rejoicing hope?

It all sounds too good to be true. My suffering hurts and, if I’m honest, I would prefer to dwell on how it is affecting my life, because giving into grumbling is way easier than the alternative.

And what exactly is the alternative? Believing that suffering is not actually what it seems. But it takes some serious renewing of our minds to see and understand suffering for what Scripture says it really is.

What Suffering Isn’t

Think about a time when you suffered…

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