Talking with Catholics about the Gospel

Tim Augustyn | July 10, 2015

Just about every book ever written with the words “Catholic” and “evangelical” in the title have been primarily for pastors or academics (think Roman Catholics and Evangelicals by Norman Geisler and Ralph MacKenzie). Such books offer detailed explanations of the thorny theological differences between the two camps. But Chris Castaldo’s Talking with Catholics: A Guide for Evangelicals is different.

By different, I don’t mean Castaldo skirts our theological differences in order to make the book feel more readable or Roman Catholicism seem more palatable. It tackles a most of the issues head on, and (just as importantly) does so in a way that makes Catholics look human, not naïve, dumb, irrational, or extraterrestrial. 

1. Talking with Catholics does more than just communicate (or transfer) theological information. 

I’ve read my share of books about Catholics and evangelicals, and they’ve helped me to develop a theological grid for understanding Roman Catholicism. But I’m not sure how much these books helped me to grow in love. Talking with Catholics will help you do both. Castaldo, who was raised as Roman Catholic and now serves as lead pastor of New Covenant Church in Naperville, Illinois, is more than fair-minded when writing and thinking about these issues. He’s a model of generosity, grace, and love. 

Castaldo is a master peacemaker, and he’s at…

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