TGC Asks Russell Moore: How Do We Work for Justice and Not Undermine Evangelism?

Russell Moore | October 20, 2010

Note from TGC's editorial director, Collin Hansen:

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization opened on Saturday, October 16, and will conclude on Monday, October 25. The event, convening 4,000 evangelical leaders from 200 countries, will address issues including poverty, HIV/AIDS, consumerism, and child sex trafficking. No doubt these and many other issues crying for justice in a broken world affect evangelistic efforts. But already, some observers wonder whether the evangelical bird (to borrow John Stott's analogy popularized through Lausanne) is tilting toward the justice wing and away from the evangelism wing. So TGC turned to four leaders and asked: How do Christians work for justice in the world and not undermine the centrality of evangelism? Russell Moore responds today. He was preceded on Monday by Don Carson and on Tuesday by Ray Ortlund. He will be followed on Thursday by Mike Wittmer. 


Some evangelicals talk as though personal evangelism and public justice are contradictory concerns, or, at least, that one is part of the mission of the church and the other isn’t. I think otherwise, and I think the issue is one of the most important facing the church these days.

First of all, the mission…

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