TGC Welcomes Three New Editors

Collin Hansen | April 22, 2016

As editorial director for The Gospel Coaliton I’m tasked with developing and distributing our content, whether published on our website and in books or featured at our national conferences. It’s my privilege to work with a team committed to promoting gospel-centered ministry for the next generation. Over the course of six years our staff has grown as we’ve ventured into new subjects and media. All along we’ve looked for editors with different perspectives and experiences, yet united in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in TGC’s confessional statement and theological vision. The same is true of our colleagues working in Spanish and French and in Australia and soon Canada.

Our three newest editors, starting this month and next, each brings new skills and gifts to our staff and ultimately to our readers through his knowledge and relationships with writers around the world. With experience as leaders in their local churches, we trust these editors will uphold our priorities by writing and acquiring resources that: 

  • Offer gospel-centered argument and application
  • Include faithful and foundational use of Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament
  • Foster spiritual discernment of contemporary trials and trends
  • Encourage efforts to unite and renew the church 

We invite you to join us in welcoming Sam, Jason, and Timo.


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