TGCW16 Conference Media Now Available

Kathleen Nielson | June 23, 2016

At TGCW16 in Indianapolis, 7,200 women from 50 states and 38 countries gathered around God’s Word. They were older and younger (55 percent younger than 35), and they were purposeful. They leaned into seven plenary sessions that led them right through the book of 1 Peter. They bought a record number of books in the bookstore. They raised $55,000 (including $20,000 matching from Samaritan’s Purse) for the translation of biblical resources for women into Farsi and Arabic. They overflowed workshops and focus gatherings, many relating to the theme of gospel hope in the midst of suffering.

God blessed this gathering, and we are grateful. We’re glad for the rich variety of voices—from Blair Linne’s powerful spoken-word poetry; to Karen Ellis’s a cappella singing of “I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger”; to the Gettys’s lifting high the name of Jesus; to Sandra McCracken’s call to feast in the house of Zion; to the unfolding tones of male and female teachers as they expounded the Word of God; to the blending of women’s words in all directions processing, chatting, praying, praising.

We’re delighted to share the blessing of TGCW16 through the conference resources now available. Please pray with us that the…

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