That Hand Was Made to Hold

Betsy Childs Howard | July 30, 2015

As I clicked out of Tuesday’s video detailing Planned Parenthood’s tissue harvesting enterprise, the image burned in my mind was the tiny, well-formed hand clearly visible in the clinic’s dissecting dish. You don’t have to be a medical professional to know what you are seeing is a hand. There’s five tell-tale fingers, a slender wrist, and a forearm. It’s already so developed at eleven weeks that you can tell it is a right hand.

If that baby had been allowed to live for a few more months, it would have come out of the womb with a grasping reflex. Even premature babies can have such a strong grasp that they can support the weight of their whole bodies with their tiny hands. That hand was made to curl tightly around its mother’s index finger.

Later, the baby would have used that hand to hold onto bigger hands to steady herself as she took faltering steps. Once she could walk confidently, she would still need to hold onto her mother’s hand when crossing the street or when approached by a big dog.

Her hand would need holding on the first day of school, in fact, she might only have let go with…

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